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Alcohol use and Alcohol Use Disorder

Guest Editor:
Prof. Giovanni Addolorato
Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences,
Catholic University of Rome, Rome, Italy;
Internal Medicine and Alcohol Related Disease Unit,
Columbus-Gemelli Hospital,
Fondazione Policlinico Universitario A.
Gemelli IRCCS, Rome, Italy

  1. Introduction
    G. Addolorato
  2. Alcohol in Europe: epidemiology, policies and sustainable health targets to fill the gaps of prevention
    Emanuele Scafato, Claudia Gandin, Silvia Ghirini, Alice Matone
  3. Alcohol use and AUD
    Stefano Gitto, Lucia Golfieri, Margherita Falcini, Fabio Caputo
  4. Is AUD the same for everyone? The different typologies of AUD patients
    Otto-Michael Lesch, Henriette Walter
  5. Emergencies in AUD: acute alcohol intoxication and alcohol withdrawal syndrome
    Antonio Mirijello, Cristina d’Angelo, Maria Maddalena D’Errico, Angelo D’Agruma, Gabriella Pacilli, Pamela Piscitelli, Salvatore De Cosmo
  6. Alcohol related disease
    Tiago Castro Pinto, Susana G. Rodrigues
  7. Alcohol and cancer: the role of cytochrome P4502E1
    Helmut K. Seitz, Bernardo Moreira, Manuela Neuman
  8. Untangling the gut-brain axis: the relevance of gut microbiota in alcohol use disorder
    Tommaso Dionisi, Valeria Maccauro, Giovanni Addolorato
  9. Neuroendocrine pathways in alcohol use disorder: opportunities to develop biomarkers for alcohol craving?
    Massimo A. Koffler, Lorenzo Leggio
  10. Pharmacotherapy and clinical considerations for alcohol use disorder
    Gezelle Dali, Joshua Watt, Paul S. Haber, Kirsten C. Morley
  11. Treatment of AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder): the role of psychosocial approaches considering neuroplasticity and trauma aspects
    Ina Maria Hinnenthal, Christian Chiamulera, Fabio Lugoboni, Roger Schmidt, Elisa Sgualdini, Mauro Cibin
  12. Treatment of alcohol use disorder: position paper of the Italian Society of Alcohology (SIA)
    Teo Vignoli, Fabio Caputo, Roberta Agabio, Pierluigi Allosio, Maria Francesca Amendola, et al