Guidelines and informations

Nutrimentum et Curae focuses on all issues related to body and mind health maintenance, and the search for all strategies – pharmacological and non-pharmacological – to find optimal nutritional and behavioral patterns for the population. It publishes novelties in basic science, surveillance, epidemiologic and intervention research, cohort studies, clinical trials, and new therapeutic options, in order to supply international researchers with a valuable platform for discussion of challenges and opportunities in the field of body and mind nutrition.

The reviewer must not have published papers in the last 5 years with none of the authors of the manuscript, must belong to different institutions from authors and must not have any conflict of interest with the content of the manuscript.

If you accept this assignment, please note that the manuscript and its’ contents must be kept confidential. Also, if you wish to have another expert co-review the manuscript with you, he has to follow these rules.

The content of this assignment may contain privileged information. It is intended only for the use of the person(s) who accept to do the revision of the manuscript.

When reviewing a paper, please try to respond to the following questions:

  • What is the main topic of this manuscript? Is it relevant and interesting?
  • How original is the topic? What does it add to our current knowledge?
  • Is the manuscript well written? Is the text clear and easy to read? Does it need English improvement?
  • Are the conclusions consistent with the results?
  • Does tables or figures increase readability of the manuscript?
  • Is there anything superfluous throughout the text?

Our goal is to accept very well structured papers on relevant topics.

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